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Investigative Service, Surveillance & Court Appearance

$750.00 Retainer Fee (Portion not used is refundable!)

$75.00/hr.($112.50/hr. Holidays) per investigator (4-hour minimum)

We do NOT charge a mileage fee within a 35-mile radius from the intersection of Davis Drive and High House Road, Cary, NC 27519. Basically this includes Wake, Durham, Orange and portions of surrounding counties. 

If we leave the 35-mile radius, the charge will be  $0.40 per mile, per vehicle. 

* Special Considerations may apply, see below.

All other verifiable expenses; such as tolls, lodging, public & private transportation, rentals and cover fees that are incurred during the investigation are payable by the client.

Other Services & Fees

VIP Protection/Escort $75.00/hr. ($112.50/hr. Holidays), per investigator, (4-hour minimum), plus lodging, meals and cover charges, if applicable. (**Vehicle mileage charge applies ), (Extra charge for SUV, Luxury Vehicles, call/email us).

Private Airplane Charter for VIP Protection/Escort detail, fees apply. 

(Call For Quote)

Document/Valuable Asset Courier Services $75.00/hr. ($112.50/hr. Holidays), per investigator, (2-hour minimum), plus lodging & meals, if applicable. (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Consulting - Threat Assessment (security issues, bomb threat, site plan, training, etc.) Call for quote.

Witness Statements $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

GPS Tracking Vehicles, Documents, Shipments- Call/Email for quote.

Witness/Skip Trace Person Locate $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Well-being Check $75.00/hr. ($112.50/hr. Holidays) (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Record Retrieval $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Pre-Sentence Hearing Investigation $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Probation Violation Investigation $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )


Cell Phone Number $75.00

Address Check $75.00

Email Check $75.00 (returns name of account owner)

Asset Check $75.00

Employment Locate $75.00

Criminal Records $75.00

Civil Records $75.00

Marriages/Divorces $100.00

Comprehensive Background $150.00-$200.00

* Special Considerations. Distant locations or long term investigations may qualify for a special rate including service fees, call for quote.

**Vehicle mileage charge applies $0.40 per mile, per vehicle that goes beyond a 35-mile radius of the intersection of Davis Drive and High House Road, Cary, NC 27519 .

All fees for services are payable in advance via PayPal, major credit cards, or money order.

Please note that to comply with federal regulations, we do NOT provide:

– access to email accounts

– telephone records

– cell phone tracking or interception services

– bank records

– any other service involving accessing someone's personal and protected information.

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