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Investigative Service, Surveillance & Court Appearance

$750.00 Retainer Fee (Portion not used is refundable!)

$75.00/hr.($112.50/hr. Holidays) per investigator (4-hour minimum)

We do NOT charge a mileage fee within a 35-mile radius of PO Box 91478 Raleigh, N.C. 27675 (Near RDU). Basically this includes Wake, Durham, Orange and portions of surrounding counties. 

If we leave the 35-mile radius, the charge will be  $0.40 per mile, per vehicle. 

* Special Considerations may apply, see below.

All other verifiable expenses; such as tolls, lodging, public & private transportation, rentals and cover fees that are incurred during the investigation are payable by the client.

Other Services & Fees

VIP Protection/Escort $75.00/hr. ($112.50/hr. Holidays), per investigator, (4-hour minimum), plus lodging, meals and cover charges, if applicable. (**Vehicle mileage charge applies ), (Extra charge for SUV, Luxury Vehicles, call/email us).

Private Airplane Charter for VIP Protection/Escort detail, fees apply. 

(Call For Quote)

Document/Valuable Asset Courier Services $75.00/hr. ($112.50/hr. Holidays), per investigator, (2-hour minimum), plus lodging & meals, if applicable. (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Consulting - Threat Assessment (security issues, bomb threat, site plan, training, etc.) Call for quote.

Witness Statements $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

GPS Tracking Vehicles, Documents, Shipments- Call/Email for quote.

Witness/Skip Trace Person Locate $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Well-being Check $75.00/hr. ($112.50/hr. Holidays) (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Record Retrieval $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Pre-Sentence Hearing Investigation $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )

Probation Violation Investigation $75.00/hr. (2-hour minimum) (**Vehicle mileage charge applies )


Cell Phone Number $75.00

Address Check $75.00

Email Check $75.00 (returns name of account owner)

Asset Check $75.00

Employment Locate $75.00

Criminal Records $75.00

Civil Records $75.00

Marriages/Divorces $100.00

Comprehensive Background $150.00-$200.00

* Special Considerations. Distant locations or long term investigations may qualify for a special rate including service fees, call for quote.

**Vehicle mileage charge applies $0.40 per mile, per vehicle that goes beyond a 35-mile radius of PO Box 91478 Raleigh, N.C. 27675 .

All fees for services are payable in advance via PayPal, major credit cards, or money order.

Please note that to comply with federal regulations, we do NOT provide:

– access to email accounts

– telephone records

– cell phone tracking or interception services

– bank records

– any other service involving accessing someone's personal and protected information.

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