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How does the investigation process work?

We can handle the initial investigation process over the phone or we can meet at a discreet location. Our investigator will ask you a series of questions about your case to create an investigative plan. Once we agree on the plan, together we complete our service agreement contract and make your payment to commence the investigation.

Will you give me reports of your findings?

Yes, we will. Depending on how in-depth the investigation is will determine the amount of time it will take us to prepare your detailed report. We make every effort to present the final report in a reasonable amount of time and never over 30 days.

What should I do prior to hiring you?

Gather all information about the subject of the investigation, including pictures and any other important information. Open a new email account that you will use to communicate with us (make sure that the subject will not have any access to it). Make sure that you use a safe phone as well. After you’ve made your preparations, just act natural (especially if the subject of the investigation is your spouse). Don’t change any patterns of interaction and go about your day as you normally would. Never disclose to anyone that you have hired a private investigator, at least until the investigation is completed.

How often will you update me during the surveillance?

We do our best to inform our clients as often as possible. Sometimes our investigators are busy conducting the surveillance, so as soon as possible we will keep you updated throughout the entire process.

I saw on your agreement that I will be charged mileage fees if the subject of the investigation exits the 35-mile radius of your office. How much will that cost? 

If the subject exits the 35-mile radius and it has not been pre-approved by you, we will call you to get approval for continuing outside the area. If you agree to that, we will bill you at the rate of $0.40 per mile. We cannot tell you what the total will be in advance, since we will not know where the subject will be going. But, know that you can cancel the surveillance at any time. *See service area map.

Can you use a GPS tracking device on the subject's vehicle?

We can only use a GPS device if the vehicle the subject drives belongs to you and you can provide proof of ownership.

Can you get me phone records or access to someone's email?

No, both of those are considered private and it is illegal for anyone to get you that information.

What happens if I hire you for your minimum of 4 hours and the subject doesn't do anything? Do you provide a refund?

When you hire us, you pay for our investigators’ time, not for what they find. If the subject does not move during the intial 4 hours, that is outside of our control therefor we cannot issue a refund. So, it’s very important to be sure about the subject’s activities prior to sending us out. We only provide refunds for situations involving investigative errors – such as following the wrong vehicle, etc. We cannot provide refunds for issues that are out of our control.

Can I pay you after the investigation is done?

No, all fees are payable in advance.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for multiple days of surveillance or for distant locations and for active military personnel and senior citizens (age 60+). Under certain situations and our discretion, we may take a "hardship" case for a reduced fee.

Can you refuse service if I have a restraining order against the person who I want followed?

Yes, we can, and we will refuse to provide the service. We check for restraining orders and previous domestic violence cases prior to agreeing to taking your case.

Will you testify for me in court?

Yes, we will. Same rates apply for court testimony as for surveillance. The 4-hour minimum retainer fee will also remain in effect.

*35-Mile Servive Area Map

Service Area

Servive Area Map

Additional Information

We provide service to areas within 35 miles of PO Box 91478 Raleigh, N.C.  27675. It includes most of Wake, Durham, Orange and surrounding counties.

Very Important


Sensitive Case? Read important information below!


So, you decided to hire a private investigator…. I really hope you’re using your work computer to look this website up, or you know for sure that your personal computer does not have any type of key-logger software on it. Why all the paranoia? Because the subject of investigation might be just as curious about your activities, as you are of theirs. Sometimes a subject will spy on you to see if you are suspicious of what they are doing! It only takes one slip-up on your part to jeopardize the investigation. This information will assist you in taking the necessary precautions, to ensure that the investigation process will run smoothly.

Now let’s get to work. Prior to contacting any private investigator, make sure that you open a new email account, that only you have access to. This is very important since your investigator might send you updates or various forms via email. If you will be communicating with the investigator via telephone, you can either use a prepaid phone (which you can purchase for a minimal amount at most retail stores) or just be 100% sure that the subject will have no access to your telephone or your phone records. You will also need a plan for submitting payments to the investigation agency. Most spouses have joint bank accounts or at least have access to each other’s financial information. This will pose an issue if your spouse will question the charge from the investigation agency. One way and the most efficient way to prevent this from occurring is by paying your investigator through PayPal, but without opening a PayPal account. The way to do this is to go to a retail store (such as CVS, Walgreens, etc.) that sells GreenDot MoneyPak cards. You can load up to $500 on each card that you buy. After you purchase the cards, all you have to do is give the investigator the serial # from the back of the card and they can load the money directly into their company PayPal account. This way, you have proof that you paid your investigator and the payment cannot be traced back to anyone.

Finally, be careful who you talk to about the investigation while it’s in progress. You might be sure that you can trust a specific family member or friend, but you can never be sure that the information will not be relayed to the subject. Keeping this information to yourself might be tough, but it will ensure the integrity of the case.