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Background Information

The Lady and Lord Investigations, LLC is owned and operated by a husband and wife team with extensive investigative experience in law enforcement, executive level management as well as medical and insurance backgrounds. We both retired in 2017 with over 30 years in law enforcement and many years in the insurance and medical field. We have at our disposal a team of investigators with years of experience and specialized expertise. 

The criminal and civil litigation cases that we have investigated include: Domestic Violence/Abuse, Elderly Abuse, Child Abuse, Animal Abuse, Larceny, Bank Robbery and Bank Burglary, Fraud, Arson, Violent Assaults, Rape, Kidnapping, Human Trafficking, Missing Adults and Children, Homicide, Suicide as well as extensive undercover operations and investigations. Collectively we have investigated applicants for employment as well as employees for misconduct. Larceny and fraud cases have included misdemeanor and felony cases, employee theft/embezzlement, insurance fraud, location of missing/stolen property and so on. Death Investigations have included 1st degree Capital Murder, Mass Shooting/Murder, Manslaughter, Drownings, Accidental Deaths, Natural Deaths, Suicide and Motor Vehicle Deaths. 

More specifically our training and experience includes the following:

-Preparing, presenting evidence and testimony in District, Superior, and Federal Court.

-Writing detailed search warrants for people, property, homes, vehicles, commercial property and specific evidence. 


-Lead Investigator: First Degree Murder case in which the death penalty was imposed. 

-Insurance Fraud Investigations that included arson cases, fake vehicle accidents, reports of stolen merchandise and cash, suspicious deaths, workers comp., etc.

-Reconstructed vehicle accidents that involved deceased persons.

-Served as a training officer for new investigators while establishing and maintaining a professional rapport with investigators from local, state and federal agencies.


-Assisted with investigating illegal drug activity, and participated in numerous drug raids/search warrant executions, as well as participating on entry teams. 

-Prepared numerous stings, mainly involving crimes against person's and property with a high success rate.

-Addressed classes at the local schools and universities to explain the role and functions of law enforcement, specifically criminal investigations. 

-Spoke with many corporate businesses offering advice and training on threat assessment and awareness. 

-Developed and implemented site and/or special operations plans for emergency situations and large scale events.

-Taught Criminal Investigations Course to numerous basic law enforcement training classes in the State of NC. 

-Cases have attained local and national media attention on many occasions. Interviews on Solved: Extreme Forensics on the ID and A&E channels for criminal cases.


-Served with the F.B.I. office in Raleigh and became a member of the Raleigh-Durham Area Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force as a Task Force Agent. Received “Top Secret” status by the FBI assisting local, state and federal agencies with locating and arresting violent fugitives and also following up on "Leads" from F.B.I. offices across the U.S. in the investigation and apprehension of violent persons wanted on state and federal warrants.

-Conducted surveillance and counter surveillance, collected evidence and the delivery of highly classified documents. Working with other agencies such as the U.S. Secret Service, Dept. of Defense and Local Police, we also provided security for dignitaries including Heads of State and assisted with pre-planning and site security for many venues including the RBC Center, Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State University, NC Central University, RDU Airport and many other public and private meeting locations. 

-Concluding service, presented an Award of Outstanding Service by the F.B.I.

-Provided security and detailed escorts for athletes, celebrities, candidates for national office and others.    

- During professional career Commanded the following: 

Major of Operations, Uniformed Patrol Division, Community Services Division, Communications Division, Animal Services, Warrant Control, Warrant Squad, Hazardous Devices Team, K-9 Team, Search and Recovery Team, Emergency Response Team (SWAT), LEO Reserve’s Unit, Training Division, Juvenile Investigations Unit, Crisis Intervention Unit, SCOPE Unit (Motorcycle, Traffic & Community Service), Child Support Unit, TRIAD Unit (Elder Abuse Investigations), Juvenile Truancy Unit, Probation Unit, Sex Offenders Unit, School Resource Officers (SRO), GREAT and Agency Vehicle Fleet Management.


-Current NC State Law Enforcement Instructor for 24 years and classes taught include:

LEO Drivers Training, Criminal Investigations, Accident Investigations, Patrol Techniques, Report Writing & Note Taking, Elements of Law, Motor Vehicle Law, Rapid Deployment and Crime Prevention.

-Highlights of Training include:

FBI National Academy Graduate- FBI Quantico, Va.

FBI LEEDA Command Institute Graduate-  FBI

Global Threat Response Training- NIEHS Oakridge, Tn.

Examining False Documents- FBI

IED Improvised Explosive Devices Training- DSO

Airport Terrorist Training- RDU Airport Authority/DHS

Homicide Investigations Courses- NCJA

Vehicular Accident Reconstruction School- NCJA

Specialized Driver Instructor School- NCJA

FBI Serial Rape/Murder Profiling- FBI UNCG

Criminal Investigations- DTCC

Firefighter Training- NC

Emergency Medical Technician- NC

Terrorist Threat Assessment School Maryland – FEMA/DHS

Flying Armed Commercial Flights- TSA/DHS

Employment Law Issues for Executives- FBI UVA